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Hub of DigiTech Legal Services
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Hub of DigiTech Legal Services
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Hub of DigiTech Legal Services
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Hub of DigiTech Legal Services
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Hub of DigiTech Legal Services

7 Brewery Road, Plumstead, London, SE18 7PS, UK | +447722930993, +442039521087

What We Do

We provide bespoke legal advisory and consultancy services with focus on helping corporate clients, especially the startup’s, to grow their businesses, increase their returns on investment and sustain their corporate stability. We also work for private individual clients.

Our Services

Legal Services
Regulatory Compliance
Data Protection Compliance
Intellectual Property Consultant
Digital Technology Solution

Why Choose Our Firm


Years of Invaluable Professional Experience


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Successfull Case Results


We are your best choice for legal advisory and consulting services in the following areas:
  • Case Assessment, Evaluation, and advice
  • Civil matters
  • Corporate and Commercial matters
  • Contract (Commercial Agreement) Drafting
  • Dispute Resolution (Alternative to Dispute Resolution) ADRs
  • Family matters
  • Islamic Law cases
  • Legal Documents Drafting
  • Legal Research
  • Regulatory compliance
As seasoned experts, we have the capacity to provide the following services.
  • Act as your Data Protection Officer
  • Company Proxy Representative before the ICO
  • Proxy representation before the international regulatory authority
  • Delivering capacity building
  • Training staff in data protection and privacy law
  • Prosecuting cases of data protection breach
  • Defending our clients in cases of data protection breach

Specifically, we serve you in:

  • Copyrights registration and protection
  • Software Contract and Dispute Resolution
  • Software registration, licensing, and Protection
  • Secure Software Licensing Agreement
  • Technology and Software Contract Draft
  • Technology and Software Case Evaluation/Review
  • Technology and Software Legal Advice
  • Patent registration
  • IP Management
  • IP and Software Due Diligence

We are a team of qualified lawyers with more than a decade of seasoned legal practice but do not in this instance serve you as either solicitors or Barristers.

We can meet physically at our office as provided in our contact page.

Yes, we take instructions from our client remotely. We make telephone consultation and take instruction via the email.

We adopt all the various audio and video conferencing platforms to establish contact with our clients. Zoom, Google meet, WhatsApp video, telegram audio and imovideo.

We work for private individuals.
We work for start-up companies

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